About Southern Xplorer

We love to travel. We live to travel!

It’s more than just ticking off destinations on a “must see” list though.

As travelers we’ve always enjoyed the freedom of heading off the beaten track, just to see where it goes or off the well-trodden tourist routes to see what amazing gems lie around the next corner or over the next hill.

In short, we love to explore!

Our goal is that our tours reflect our passion for exploration.

We want our guests to enjoy not only the highlights of what our beautiful country has to offer, but also to enjoy new and exciting destinations.

Meet your Guide



You need to go on holiday with this guy! Seriously.

Just read his reviews if you don’t believe me.

Khotso has a decade’s worth of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry and has decided to turn his passion for travel into a successful business.

Based in the Mother City of Cape Town, him and his wife run a tour operator, striving to share all things amazing and South African with the rest of the world.